• Your Biggest Vision: Realized

    Your vision represents the future of your organization. It is better than here. Together we uncover, clarify and articulate your imagined future. Then we figure out how to get you there.

  • Aligning Your Team: Getting buy-in

    You need your team aligned, so they can take you where you need to go. Our tools and team-building expertise will help you align your team so they are fully committed to bringing your vision to life.

  • A Clear Roadmap: For you, and your team

    With all that you manage everyday, you can’t get there alone. We help you create a detailed plan to set your vision in motion and get your team executing the plan — every single day. 

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"Unless a company intentionally fosters the development of its women employees, it’s nearly impossible that they will ascend to the corporate ladder’s highest rungs." — Korn Ferry, Their Breakthrough Formula: Women CEOs, 2018

We help organizations intentionally foster the development of their women leaders. 


At CEO Vision, we believe that when women leaders are inspired, inspiring and confident leaders, they are prepared to successfully build high-performing teams and organizations that delight customers and deliver bott0m-line results.


Our clients are organizations that believe what we believe. They are familiar with these irrefutable research findings: organizations that intentionally invest in and unleash the talent of their women leaders enjoy a competitive advantage and significant ROI: for their women employees, for all of their employees, for their bottom line and for the millions of customers and communities whom they serve.

"Women will not rise naturally to the top. This has to be
part of the business strategy."
Irene Natividad, Global Summit of Women


Helping Women Leaders Succeed - it's what we do!

Since 1991, we have been in the women's leadership space, partnering with some of the most high-profile, successful women's business organizations in the country. We have worked with hundreds of women leaders and executives who have transformed themselves, their teams and their organizations. We have everything we need to help you develop women leaders who will be your most significant contributors. 

Three BIG Ways We Help Our Clients Succeed


  • Leadership Assessments: the renown DiSC-Work of Leaders™ assessment uncovers natural leadership strengths, style and challenges
  • Leadership workshops: engaging, spirited and practical
  • Powerful peer-learning workshops
  • Customized leadership development plans, with coaching: we create a leadership roadmap that is aligned with business goals 
  • 1:1 leadership coaching sessions: what's working; what's not; what's next
  • Leadership consulting: are you creating an environment where women leaders can thrive?



Every great leader needs a great team to help her get across the finish line.

We help women leaders build and activate cohesive, high-performing teams that deliver results. Our proven process will unleash the magic of a cohesive, high-performing team.



Because every great leader needs a concrete, winning strategy to get across the finish line, we offer a rigorous and engaging strategy process that gets results.


"I feel so energized and excited now about my company. Your process really works and I am grateful to the Women Presidents’ Organization for bringing you to my attention. I look forward to more opportunities to have you help me get where I need to go." Susan, CEO of a successful technology company.

The Magic of a High-Performing Team… and 3 steps you can take to create one

Posted by Ellyn McKay
About a year ago, I was hired to facilitate an executive leadership team through a strategic planning process. While there was a ton of individual talent, the team was anything but cohesive. Trust was low; conflict happened under the radar; there was little (if any) accountability; and the results were spotty. I was met with resistance, disengagement, anger, and–on several occasions–tears. Still, I ...READ MORE »