• Your Biggest Vision: Realized

    Your vision represents the future of your organization. It is better than here. Together we uncover, clarify and articulate your imagined future. Then we figure out how to get you there.

  • Aligning Your Team: Getting buy-in

    You need your team aligned, so they can take you where you need to go. Our tools and team-building expertise will help you align your team so they are fully committed to bringing your vision to life.

  • A Clear Roadmap: For you, and your team

    With all that you manage everyday, you can’t get there alone. We help you create a detailed plan to set your vision in motion and get your team executing the plan — every single day. 

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Better Leaders. Better Teams. Better Results.

Ready to be at the top of your leadership game and build a high-performing team that delivers results?

Let's go.


At CEO Vision, we believe that women leaders can be great leaders. If you want to be at the top of your leadership game – to be an inspired, inspiring and confident leader in order to activate your team and achieve big results, we can help.


Women leaders come to us when they want better results from their team.

This begins with you becoming the best leader you can be so you inspire and activate your team. Our powerful leadership development process, tools, and expertise will help you build:

  • Extraordinary leaders (including you!)
  • A rock-solid strategy and plan, and
  • A high-performing team that executes and gets results

THE RESULT: Better leaders. Better teams. Better results.




A high-performing organization begins with YOU. As you get stronger, so does your team, your organization and your results.

With that in mind, our three-step leadership development process gets you ever closer to becoming the best leader you can be. Using the acclaimed Work of Leaders self-assessment as a jumping off point, you will:

  • Uncover, celebrate and leverage your natural leadership strengths
  • Articulate and inspire with your envisioned future
  • Develop an actionable leadership vision and plan


As you become a stronger leader, you are better able to build and activate a high-performing team that will take you across the finish line.

Together, we move your team closer and closer to high-performing using a three-step process:

  • Assess: Your team tells us what's working; what's not; what's next
  • Align: Your team fully commits to carrying you across the finish line
  • Execute: Your high-performing team delivers the results you want.


"I feel so energized and excited now about my company. Your process really works and I am grateful to the Women Presidents’ Organization for bringing you to my attention. I look forward to more opportunities to have you help me get where I need to go." Susan, CEO of a successful technology company.


Today's the day.
How You Can Start Building a Higher-Performing Team

Our clients tap into our expertise in several different ways, depending on their unique needs. Typically, our clients engage us to assist them in one or more of the following...

  • Developing  Empowered Leaders who get Results: Great organizations begin with great leaders. If you're ready to be at the top of your leadership game, we can help. You will find more details on our three-step leadership development process here.
  • Building a Highly-Engaged, High-Performing Team: We will help you build a team that is as committed to your vision and goals as you are...and then bring them to life. For more details on our team-development process, techniques and tools, please go here.
  • Creating A Rock-Solid Strategy.
    Facilitating High-Stakes Strategy Sessions.
    Whether you're ready for a "full-blown" strategic planning session or you need expert facilitation for a high-stakes meeting, we have a solid process that will work. Please go here for more information. 


"We have worked with a number of organizational development groups and individuals in the past, and none of them has been as effective as Ellyn McKay. She is smart, she listens, she has a wealth of experience to draw on, and she provides a 'learning context' that really engages all levels of staff." Victoria, CEO of an international nonprofit.


If You Want to be a Better Leader in 2018, here are three sure-fire tips to get you started.

Posted by Ellyn McKay
I love working with women leaders. In part because the women leaders with whom I work–especially the very best–constantly strive to be “better.” They know that when they are at the top of their leadership game, they are better equipped to build, lead and inspire high-performing teams that deliver results.   While every leader has her own unique leadership style, I’ve noticed that all ...READ MORE »