"Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth."

— Archimedes

Our Core Values

At CEO Vision, we believe that women leaders can be great leaders.

Our Women’s Leadership Toolkit™ combines years of expertise and knowledge with world-class assessments, practical leadership tools and custom coaching to provide you with the skills, processes and mindset you need to be an effective and successful leader.


We clarify and then crystallize. Our work together is all about you, your leadership and your success. We listen, listen, listen – and then listen some more in order to help you to uncover and build on your natural leadership strengths. From there, we clarify and crystalize your envisioned future.​


Our consulting, coaching and facilitation are highly engaging and spirited. We provide a candid and fresh perspective that allows you to unleash your natural leadership strengths and helps you build a roadmap to get you from “here” to your envisioned future.​​


Together, we relentlessly focus on key metrics, including financial, customer experience and team metrics. Together, we craft a clear and viable strategy to achieve those results. Along the way, we identify fresh solutions to overcome recurring and emerging roadblocks to success.​

Unless a company intentionally fosters the development of its women employees, it’s nearly impossible that they will ascend to the corporate ladder’s highest rungs.

Korn Ferry

Their Breakthrough Formula: Women CEO's, 2018

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our clients mean everything to us, and we’re proud of the long-standing partnerships we’ve developed over the years. What makes us more proud is the impact we’ve had on their business and on them as leaders. Here’s a bit of feedback.