• Your Biggest Vision: Realized

    Your vision represents the future of your organization. It is better than here. Together we uncover, clarify and articulate your imagined future. Then we figure out how to get you there.

  • Aligning Your Team: Getting buy-in

    You need your team aligned, so they can take you where you need to go. Our tools and team-building expertise will help you align your team so they are fully committed to bringing your vision to life.

  • A Clear Roadmap: For you, and your team

    With all that you manage everyday, you can’t get there alone. We help you create a detailed plan to set your vision in motion and get your team executing the plan — every single day. 

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"Unless a company intentionally fosters the development of its women employees, it’s nearly impossible that they will ascend to the corporate ladder’s highest rungs." — Korn Ferry, Their Breakthrough Formula: Women CEOs, 2018

We help organizations intentionally develop successful women leaders. 



At CEO Vision, we believe that women leaders can be great leaders.

Our Women's Leadership Toolkit® includes a custom roadmap, powerful assessments, practical leadership tools, and 30 years of hands-on expertise: Everything women leaders need in order to become inspired, inspiring and confident leaders who successfully build high-performing teams that deliver the results you need.



The Results are in! 
Harvard, McKinsey, Korn Ferry & Catalyst

Our clients are on the cutting-edge of talent trends. The significant body of research that consistently demonstrates the positive impact that women leaders have on overall organizational performance has inspired our clients to intentionally invest in and unleash the talent of their women leaders.

The Result?  These organizations enjoy a competitive advantage and significant ROI: for their women employees, for all of their employees, for their bottom line and for the millions of customers and communities whom they serve.


Ignore the Data at Your Peril

Companies with more women leaders see a 53% higher Return on Investment, 42% higher Return on Sales and 66% higher Return on Invested Capital (Catalyst).  

AND YET... women earn only 18% of promotions from entry-level to managerial positions. At every subsequent step, as the representation of women further declines, their rate of attrition is DOUBLE their rate of promotion (McKinsey, 2017).

Your 3-Step Strategy for
Advancing and Retaining Women Leaders

 Our Women's Leadership Toolkit® builds confident,
inspiring and successful leaders.

After 30 years of working with women leaders at all levels, we know what they need to succeed...and what typically holds them back. Our extensive work with women leaders, combined with research findings from some of the country's most esteemed organizations, inspired us to create The Women's Leadership Toolkit®. It combines years of expertise and knowledge with world-class assessments, practical leadership tools, custom coaching and a disciplined approach.

is what every woman leader needs
to succeed.

How we Begin...

✅ We Assess the Leader's natural leadership strengths...and what's holding her back. From there, we create a rock-solid leadership development plan built on leadership best practices and organizational goals. The renown DiSC-Work of Leaders™ assessment uses 18 research-backed leadership best practices to uncover the leader's natural leadership strengths...and challenges. Using a state-of-the-art 360 assessment, we also gather relevant information from key stakeholders and then collaborate to develop a rock-solid leadership development plan that includes 1:1 coaching. THE GOAL: begin to uncover, document and leverage the leader's natural strengths.

From There...

✅ We help the leader build a cohesive, high-performing team. Behind every great leader is a great team. Our Team-Empowerment Toolkit® includes the renown Everything DiSC team assessment, team-building tools that work, and years of expertise to ensure the leader inspires, builds and activates a team that is as ambitious as she is and gets her across the finish line.

And Then...

✅ We help the leader develop a concrete, actionable business strategy that will attain business goals. "Execution without vision is chaos. Vision without execution is hallucination." All great leaders have a solid strategy that begins with a BIG Vision and, ultimately, delivers results. We help the leader expand her strategic thinking, knowledge, and skills so she and her team are able to bring the vision to life and attain desired results.


"I feel so energized and excited now about my company. Your process really works and I am grateful to the Women Presidents’ Organization for bringing you to my attention. I look forward to more opportunities to have you help me get where I need to go." Susan, CEO of a successful technology company.

Want to be a Wildly Successful Woman Leader?

Posted by Ellyn McKay
After 30 years of working with women leaders, I have come to believe that the most successful operate in the world knowing that there is no one stopping them from developing a vision of who they want to be, how they want to be perceived, how they want to feel, and how they want to perform their role. While this is ...READ MORE »