When you hire, you determine the future of your company

Hiring mistakes can be costly.

PXT Select™ can help you hire smarter and retain longer.

Ever hire someone who had a great resume and interviewed well only to discover they just weren’t a “fit” for the job?

Research reveals that job fit is the best predictor of hiring success. While the resume and interview are essential components of the selection process, neither is designed to predict job fit.

PXT Select™ is a powerful talent solution that uses the latest advancements in assessment technology to fill this gap.

PXT Select™ measures one thing and one thing only: Job Fit.

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Job fit is more important than experience, education or training. It's the key to better hiring decisions.

How does PXT Select Measure Job Fit so You Hire the Right People?

Using the latest advancements in assessment technology, PXT Select™ measures job fit by assessing the degree to which a person’s thinking style, behavioral traits and motivational interests “match” those required by the job.

PXT Select™ tells you:


Measures problem-solving ability and how a person processes and communicates information.


Measures nine behavioral preferences – including judgment, decisiveness, and  autonomy – which influence how we act in job-related situations.


Measures interest in six different areas that have been identified to be effective in describing people’s motivation and potential satisfaction with their jobs.

Here’s an example of the valuable data PXT Select™ generates. The higher the percentage, the better the fit.

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Creating a Great Place to Work Starts with Hiring the Right People

The PXT Select Difference.


PXT Select™ makes it easy to gather essential pre-hire assessment data on candidates, allowing you to identify who is likely to be a fit for the job…and who isn’t.


Built on 20+ years of research and rigorous validation, PXT Select’s cutting-edge assessment technology gives you a meaningful advantage in the selection process.


PXT Select™ uses innovative adaptive testing to hone-in on a candidate’s ability-level while providing a personalized assessment and interview experience.

If you are committed to hiring smarter and retaining longer, we would love to talk with you about how PXT Select can help you attain those goals.

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